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I am a solo-practitioner here to help with Family Law Matters including Divorce, Paternity, Temporary Restraining Orders and the resulting Orders for Protection, Child Support and Enforcement, as well as Pre and Post Nuptial agreements for those trying to stay together and think ahead regarding their finances. I am a local girl, born and raised by a first generation Woman Attorney (Bernice Littman) and a Professor of Classics (Dr. Robert Littman). I am a proud graduate of La Pietra and Univeristy of Hawaii at Manoa including my J.D. from the William S. Richardson School of Law. I have handled hundreds of family law cases with my best grace and wits given the important and heavy subject matter. I have both the life and legal experience to effectively represent my clients with zest and what we Jews like to call Chutzpah. Family Law is a delicate beast and needs to be treated with a level of care as though the Attorney's own life is on the line. These are live cases and I have the wherewithal to treat them as such and assist my Clients to strategize and prepare for the unexpected. I specialize in Military Divorces and when necessary can take a contested, relocation Child Custody Matter to Trial. However, as it takes such an expensive monetary and emotional toll on the Clients to fight over keiki, money, and property, I always attempt and push settlement through discussions and mediation. A Contested Heading at Hawaii Family Court should be a last resort only when all else fails or it is an emergency.

Military and High Conflict Divorces


When you are trying to balance work and life but your home life is falling apart, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your head above water as one or the other always seems to be drowning you. The most difficult divorces are those when the parties are still living together. Oftentimes, due to the high cost of living in Hawaii and family being far,  Service Members and their spouses are often stuck in this awful, stressful mess indefinitely. Trying to keep one's career in tact while dealing with a messy divorce at home can seem nearly impossible. We understand the layers of interests, real life needs when breaking into two homes, emotional stress, and work rerelated stress and we are here to help you sort through the chaos.  


We underunderstand the delicate nature of our work. Timing and planning are necnecessary to expect the best but prepare for the worst. 

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